iTNC 530—The Powerful HEIDENHAIN Contouring Control

For over 20 years, HEIDENHAIN TNC contouring controls have been proving themselves day after day on milling machines, machining centers, and drilling and boring machines. This interactive presentation will help you to learn the most important features and functions.

 Keyboard, Monitor and Accessories
Learn about the user components and accessories

 Tilting and 5-Axis Machining
Machining with swivel head and rotary table as well as calibrating rotary axes

 HSC Machining
High speed milling with the iTNC

 Setup and Measuring
Setup functions and automated measuring cycles support the user and reduce non-productive time

Support for programming, test run and error search

 Collision Monitoring
The iTNC 530 monitors the working space of the machine and warns the user when a collision threatens

 Additional Functions
Other important control functions, interfaces and options

 Programming Examples
Examples for programming the iTNC 530 with conversational programming and smarT.NC